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Tree Surgery

Fully qualified and insured tree surgery carried our within Northern Ireland. We provide a large range of tree surgery options to our customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the final outcome. As there are many different reasons for removing a tree or carrying out tree surgery, we encourage our customers to contact us first for a free quote and professional advice. 

Hedge Cutting (Big & Small)

At Antrim Tree Services we provide a wide range of hedge cutting services to our customers from small gardens to large site clearances. Along with topping conifer hedges, we also also provide an option for our customers to have the firewood to be processed and left on site, ready to burn on the fire.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Tree stumps can be unsightly and can ruin the aesthetics of a beautiful garden. We offer a a stump grinding and removal service, which will remove the visible stump, 'grinding' the remains below land level. This service can be carried out with limited access and with no surrounding damage to gardens or plants.

Firewood & Wood chippings

We sell firewood and Bark/Wood-chip all year round.  Antrim Tree Services caters for all of our customer's needs and are able to provide any size or quantity or high-quality hard wood.

Delivery is also available.